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What People are Saying

“This was the best class I have ever had!”

Nursing Student, Maryland

“When I had to respond to an emergency, I actually remembered what you said. I heard your voice coaching me through all the steps.”

Parent, Maryland

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BLS Heartcode Skills Session: (Online Parts 2 & 3*) $64.99   

*Online Part 1 available from the AHA at – fee paid to the AHA

 10/11 @ 10am:          

10/16 @ 10am:       

10/18 @ 10am:        

10/20 @ 10am:          

10/23 @ 10am:       

10/25 @ 10am:     

10/27 @ 10am:     

10/28 @ 6pm:    

10/30 @ 10am:

11/01 @ 10am:      

11/03 @ 10am:       

11/04 @ 6pm:       

11/06 @ 10am:           

11/08 @ 10am:           

11/15 @ 10am:        

11/20 @ 10am:         

11/22 @ 10am:           

11/25 @ 6pm:        

11/27 @ 10am:      

11/29 @ 10am:

 12/01 @ 10am:       


12/02 @ 6pm:        

12/04 @ 10am:        

12/06 @ 10am:           

12/08 @ 10am:            

12/11 @ 10am:         

12/13 @ 10am:          

12/15 @ 10am:            

12/18 @ 10am:         

12/20 @ 10am:      

12/22 @ 10am:      

12/27 @ 10am:      

12/29 @ 10am:     

12/30 @ 6pm:   


Class Policies:

It is SES’ Promise to Never Cancel a Class.  Even if there is only 1 student registered, we will hold the class.

To do this, we have some ground rules to ensure a pleasant and productive learning experience.

1)        Be on Time.  Lateness is not tolerated.  If you will be more than 10 minutes late, you must re-schedule.  Late arrivals are disruptive to students already in class.

2)       Come prepared to do CPR.  Dress comfortably-you will be on a carpeted floor performing CPR skills.  Extra short or tight clothing may be too restrictive.  CPR is physically demanding.  If you cannot perform to standard, you will not be awarded a certification card.

3)       Be prepared to read.  If you need glasses to read, please bring them.

4)       If English is not your native language, please contact us prior to class.  This course is taught in English, and English proficiency is expected.  We will make every effort to supply written materials in a language you can read proficiently.  Common requests include Spanish and French.  Any requests made with less than 5 business days’ notice may not be honored.

5)       Registration & Payment is required prior to the class date.  You may register for your class by selecting it from the lists below.  The link will allow online payment with any major credit or debit card.   If you have not registered and paid, you are not considered registered and are not on our roster.

6)       We do not offer refunds.  If you fail to successfully complete the course, you must register and pay for another class.  If you cannot keep your appointment, you may join another class (subject to a re-scheduling fee).  If you no longer need your class, you may give your seat to someone else.  Please e-mail us for any and all scheduling issues.

7)      Only the person registered for the class may attend.  Please do not bring guests or children to class with you.  If you bring guests or children with you, you will be refused entry and will have to sign up for another class.  We will not offer a refund if you bring others with you.

8)       Replacement Card Fee:  If you need to replace a lost certification card, you will incur a fee of $25.00 per card, per occurrence.  When contacting us, please have your name, address, approximate training date ready.  We are not responsible for typos, misdirected mail etc…

9)       SES Reserves the Right to Refuse Service.  Disruptive behavior, late arrivals, inappropriate actions are not tolerated.      

10)  We are located in house.  Close landmarks include Hillside Elementary School in Ashburn, VA.  Feel free to park along the curb or in our driveway.  Be courteous and do not park in front of a driveway or mailbox.  Thank you.




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