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An Authorized American Heart Association Training Site. Serving Virginia, Maryland and DC.

View our Classes page for open-enrollment sessions, including BLS Provider, Heartsaver First Aid, CPR and AED, Skills Sessions (Online Parts 2 & 3/Hands-On) and BLS Heartcode (Parts 2 & 3/Hands-On). Don't see a time that works for you? Call or e-mail and we can set up an appointment. (Valid credit card required to hold an appointment)

We offer appointments Monday - Saturday in our Northern Virginia office.

BLS Heartcode Skills Session: (Online Parts 2 & 3*) $80.00

*Online Part 1 available from the AHA at – fee paid to the AHA

**You must have completed the Online Part 1 no more than 60 days prior to your Skills Session.  If it has been more than 60 days since you completed the Online Part 1, please re-take the Online Part 1 prior to attending your Skills Session

To see more session in the above-widget, please select "Services"  This will enable you to schedule a custom appointment that best fits your busy schedule.


***12/10/2020 Update:  All open-enrollment classes and skills will be limited to 2 attendees per the latest Executive Order.  If allowed, we will adjust attendee limits accordingly.  If you wish to have a 1-on-1 session, please use the Vagaro widget below to make the appointment.  You may also use this link:  If you need assistance, please call or email and we will be happy to help.

All classes will use disposable breathing valves, manikin lungs are changed between each student, students and instructor will wear nitrile gloves and the instructor will wear a mask.  Strict hygiene standards are maintained.

Any student who is/feels/appears ill will not be admitted to class.  Any student with a temperature of 100 or above or exhibiting any respiratory symptoms will not be admitted.  Any student who has traveled outside of the USA within the last 14 days will not be admitted.  Any student who is/whose household member is under self-quarantine, will not be admitted.  These students may reschedule with no rescheduling fee.

We thank you for your cooperation during this time.

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January HeartCode Sessions:

01/04 @ 12pm:

01/25 @ 12pm:

01/27 @ 12pm:

February HeartCode Sessions:

02/06 @ 12pm:

02/08 @ 12pm:

02/22 @ 12pm:

02/27 @ 12pm:

March HeartCode Sessions:

03/06 @ 12pm:

03/08 @ 12pm:

03/27@ 12pm:

April HeartCode Sessions:

04/03 @ 12pm:

04/05 @ 12pm:

04/24 @ 12pm:

04/26 @ 12pm:

May HeartCode Sessions:

05/01 @ 12pm:

05/03 @ 12pm:

05/24 @ 12pm:

05/29 @ 12pm:

June HeartCode Sessions:

06/05 @ 12pm:

06/07 @ 12pm:

06/26 @ 12pm:

06/28 @ 12pm:

July HeartCode Sessions:

07/03 @ 12pm:

07/05 @ 12pm:

07/26 @ 12pm: 

07/31 @ 12pm:

August HeartCode Sessions:

08/07 @ 12pm:

08/09 @ 12pm:

08/28 @ 12pm:

08/30 @ 12pm:

September HeartCode Sessions:

09/04 @ 12pm:

09/25 @ 12pm:

09/27 @ 12pm:

October HeartCode Sessions:

10/02 @ 12pm:

10/04 @ 12pm:

10/25 @ 12pm:

10/30 @ 12pm:

November HeartCode Sessions:

11/06 @ 12pm:

11/06 @ 12pm:

December HeartCode Sessions:

12/04 @ 12pm:

12/06 @ 12pm: